Had issues with GPS getting stuck. Mary Ann quickly updated the infotainment center. She informed me the system is jsut like our iPhones requiring periodical updates. Then went to Scuba, parts department, to try some windscreens; he took his time and we finally decided on an appropriate after market windscreen and since there are several in the warehouse, it will be ready for a trip this weekend. Debi, always busier than a one-handed paper hanger, always reaches out for a hello. Finally, Joe and Desiree, as usual, just said Hey, how are you doing? I always feel like I'm part of this family when I stop by. (Employee: Mary Ann Cox, "Scuba" Steve Hobbs, Desire'e "Carl" Vang, Debi "Panhead" Myers, Joe "Joy Ride" Hyatt)
Diane Huston
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