I chose Harley Davidson for the customization options.
Major league shout outs to the Hampton Roads Harley Davidson team for assisting me with my dream bike. I have ridden all types of motorcycles for many years/decades but this one here fits like a glove. I have the right combination of power, comfort, audio and style. This motorcycle is an extension of me and my personality. Whether I'm cruising the strip or pounding out some serious interstate miles a hundred miles from nowhere bobbing my head to the tunes. (Employee: Chad Cox, Bernard "Gringo" Mattingly, Danny Cox, Debi "Panhead" Myers, Derek "Killa" Lee, Desire'e "Carl" Vang, Jermain "MOE" Moore, Harry Graham, Joe "Joy Ride" Hyatt, Jon Mitchell, Junior Tillman, Mary Ann Cox, Kevin Weeks)
Andre Sullivan
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