I haven't felt this good about life since I can remember! Yes, Harley and team had a lot to do with this!!
I am not exaggerating. I love this place. I can't say enough good things about the people here! Especially since retiring out of the Air Force, the Harley family and support was something I really appreciate! My background: Rough divorce, custody sucked. In a particularly tough moment (October 2019, daughter was in the hospital and had to stay with limited visitation), I stopped in a started talking to more and more to Devin Caffee. He said something to the effect of lets go ride some bikes and forget about all that for a bit. He got me on a few bikes and I had never considered a touring bike. I started to feel like my life was lighting up again! I had a 2011 custom fatboy that was all paid off and wasn't about to get another bike, but man! He got me on my 2015 street glide special with ape-hangers and I felt like a god again! I told them thank you but I can't really afford it. Todd and Bernard chatted with me and Todd told me just take it for tonight and I almost didn't say goodbye before they had to stop me to have me sign something. I rode that thing and I felt better about life. I came back the next day and they asked what I could do. They met my financial goals and got me hooked up and I was down the road on a new (to me) street glide within my budget! Unfortunately I laid my street glide down one night (Feb 23 2020) and it had to come back to get fixed but again, I worked with Mary Ann Cox and the folks back in service and they always kept me up to date and worked with me and my insurance company to get things moving. I keep seeing the other service dude (I apologize for always forgetting his name, he always remembers me and reminds me I work on your bikes, Brandon! One day you will remember me!) but they were great and got my bike rolling again with help from Kevin Weeks in parts who always takes the time to understand what I needed. We got some great pipes and a tuner that was extra but had it ready when my bike was repaired and road ready. Once again my divorce was a gift that kept on giving and I talked a little with Devin and Todd who advised me to bring my Fatboy in if I needed to come up with the cash. Joy Ride Joe Hyatt assisted me and was very patient with me in getting my bike appraised. Joe and Todd got me a great price and I was able to get a few courtroom victories in the divorce process with that money. Joe is great with my kids by the way. Always patient and giving them his attention just like he does with me. Fast forward a few months to December 23 2020. I told Devin I wanted to eventually take out a new street glide. He gets my info and sends me out on the bike. I got back and worked with Bernard and some with Todd. I also chatted with Steve Sawyer off and on and he assisted me throughout. Lots of good conversation about where I was and what I wanted to meet my goals in budget and riding capabilities. I wasn't sure about it and they told me to go home and think about it and even said they would take in my extra SUV on trade if that would help and I considered it. Devin was off so I worked with Jon KB Mitchell who has always been helpful to me over the years and worked out my trading value for my 2015 Street Glide. Obviously I came back to take with them and I was actually glad I thought about it and I couldn't wait to get that bike! I rode off with my new 2020 street glide special and I felt on top of the world! I hadn't felt that good since I could remember!! Such a simple thing but I always felt supported and like I was among family at this dealership. I have worked with Desiree Carl vang and Darlene in clothes more times than I can tell you and they know all my business and have solid advice!! Lets not leave out Debi and her beautiful rendition of a happy birthday song to me and other songs she may or may not have sang to me over the intercom!! Top notch people, I can't say service because its the people that they are that make me so happy and comfortable. They always know how to advise me on helmets and clothes!!
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Brandon Hill
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