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I wasnt exactly in the market for a new scoot, but the 2014 SGS caught my eye. I sent an inquiry and set up an appointment with Paden aka Baby Santa. I ended up downsizing from two bikes to one. This is my second purchase from HRHD and believe the experience is even better than the last time! I have tagged most of the staff, but each one has been great! I have been a customer on and off since 2007 with assignment changes in the Army and it always feels like coming home. I live in Chester, VA and prefer HRHD over all others. Keep up the stellar service TEAM HRHD!! Thanks again!! (Employee: "Scuba" Steve Hobbs, Chad Cox, Kevin Weeks, Mary Ann Cox, Paden "Baby Santa" Haas, Rob "Murph" Murphy, Todd Malone, Harry Graham, STEVE SAWYER)
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Brent Hayes
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