First Time Buyer
First let me start by saying my experience was fantastic from beginning to end. These three gentlemen made it very exciting and easy to do business with them. First MO did a excellent job with taking care of my needs by providing me with the type of affordable Harley suited for me, my needs and my financial status. He should be considered a great asset to your establishment. Outstanding Job!!! Moving to Chad who took the time to explain Sounds system and how it works led me to make the decision to upgrade the sound system without thinking twice, his vast knowledge of electronics sets him apart from any other I have dealt with in the past. Lastly Steve went above and beyond to ensure every package I needed for my Harley was explained to me in depth and needed for this investment. At no time did feel pressured to buy something or add something I didn't need. I tip my hat to these three and actually to everyone at this location for making my first experience a lasting one Thank you so much guys and girls, continue to be safe and remember Let go and Let GOD!!!!! (Employee: Jermain "MO" Moore, Chad Cox, STEVE SAWYER)
Gary Wood
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