Great service once again
Came in on the 2nd to order a Bell MAG 9 helmet. Sydnie told me the dealership had recently received some and ask what size I was looking for then went in the back and found one in my what I believed to be my size. After trying it I bought it. Sydnie asked all the questions I would expect from someone trying to make sure the customer got what they were looking for in a helmet. While I was trying the helmet Debbie was helping my wife find a shirt. My wife is very selective about the type of shirt she wears and Debbie went out of her way to help find them. Ended up with 4 shirts for my wife and a new helmet and light weight day cover for my Harley. This is not my first dealings with the dealership, i've bought 3 motorcycles, numerous upgrades to them, all required service, and tons of riding gear over the years. I have never had a bad experience in my dealings with the people working there. A customer for life. (Employee: Debi "Panhead" Myers, Sydnie Langwell)
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